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Tame-Test - Aero Space

The aeronautics sector includes all the companies in the country that contribute to the design, manufacture and maintenance of aeronautical equipment - airplanes, helicopters, drones, airships - both civil and military. 

It is structured by large companies that ensure the overall design of aircraft and helicopters as well as their assembly. 

These large groups rely mainly on a variety of subcontracting companies, whose skills range from the manufacture of simple mechanical tools to the design and manufacture of complex components such as complete aircraft parts or complex digital systems.

aeronautics sector

Market challenges and perspectives

The context in which this sector is currently evolving is deeply marked by significant evolutions in environmental standards as well as a growing foreign influence. 

It is therefore crucial to apply a high level of oversight and to improve the competitiveness of national players in order to maintain its position. 

The challenges set forth by the global ecological transition, in particular the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, will lead to profound changes in the design and architecture of aircraft and helicopters. These new challenges will require major new investments in research and development in on-board energy, engine efficiency and the structures to which industry players are exposed, otherwise the risk of being replaced in their markets is imminent.

The advent of new digital technologies, particularly in the field of predictive maintenance and usage data monitoring, will also expand the market for the various competitors in this field. 

To remain on top worldwide in terms of competitiveness, flexibility and reactivity, and despite reduced profit margins due to increased competition, it is important to invest in tools that will allow for the application of the most advanced and innovative digital technology available. 

Tame-Test's expertise

TRONICO has been a major player in the aerospace sector since the founding of the company. Tame-Test reinforces TRONICO's offer in the field of testing, thanks to its expertise and excellent customer approval.

For the space market, Tame-Test also develops equipment for use in clean rooms.

Test StrategyScopeSolutionDesign fot TestDftSolutionValidation TestCheck LabsDesign fot TestDftSolutionTest StrategyScopeSolutionDevelopment and deployment of test equipmentCheckTuneRelyRecording and Centralizing resultsTame-Data PiloteData and fault analysisTame-Data DynamicDevelopment and deployment of diagnostic toolsRemedyTame-Data LearnFunctional testing Field calibration Check FieldDiagnostic tools Test equipmentCheckRemedyTame-Data LearnEquipment maintenance EquipmentupgradesLifeSolutionDevelopment and deployment of burn-in equipmentRelyDevelopementDesign ValidationIndustrializationReliabilityProductionDiagnostics & RepairOn-site commissioningAfter-sales-ServicesMaintenance inOperationalConditions Monitoring & Data CoollectionRecommendations for Improvement








Certifications and accreditations

Tame-Test designs and manufactures test benches for the aeronautical and space sectors which, in addition to compliance with standards, require guarantees related to confidentiality. 

For all its equipment, Tame-Test ensures: 

  • Compliance with low voltage directives
  • CE marking
  • UL marking
  • The machinery directive



EN 9100

EN 9100 is a European standard that integrates the principles of ISO 9001 and addresses the entire supply chain of the aerospace and defense industry. 

EN 9100 is the equivalent of AS 9100 (America) and JISQ 9100 (Asia). 

It certifies the reliability and quality of TRONICO's services for the design and manufacture of embedded products.



TRONICO is Nadcap Electronics certified. This is a certification of the manufacturing process of electronic cards, developed by the actors of the aerospace and defense markets. Its objective is twofold: to improve quality and reduce costs.

Use case

Mohamed, representing a large aeronautical equipment manufacturer, is developing a manufacturing process for an embedded product. For this, he asks Tame-Test to define and implement the appropriate Rely tests. 

Tame-Test will first compile the input data (mission profile of the product, lifetime, environment, etc.). Tame-Test will then define the burn-in types and profiles in order to eliminate the early defects of the product and to justify that these burn-in processes do not alter the reliability and durability of the product. Tame-Test can then develop and deploy the equipment from the RELY product line.

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