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Tame-Test - Stratégie de test

Test strategy

Tame-Test - Stratégie de test

Test strategy is a fundamental step in the design and industrialization of a product. It is the opportunity to think about the types of tests and checks that will have to be performed, to take into account all the manufacturing steps and to set objectives in terms of test coverage, rate and costs.


ScopeSolution is based on the experience and know-how of the Tame-Test teams acquired during the industrialization of TRONICO, where the implementation of a test strategy was successfully proven. 

As a specialist in test equipment, Tame-Test knows what the priorities are in terms of industrialization and profitability and aims to maximize the test coverage of the product. 

As an expert in test strategy optimization, Tame-Test believes that ScopeSolution is essential to a profitable approach. 

ScopeSolution takes into account the risks associated with manufacturing processes by including process FMEAs in its analysis. 

ScopeSolution offers strategies ranging from component testing in the early phases of manufacturing (via its Tame-Component brand) to the assembled and packaged product. 

The Tame-Test teams are on permanent technical standby in order to propose the most adapted equipment aligned with the best possible strategy at all times.



The right questions to ask yourself

What brand image do you want for your product?

This is a choice concerning the positioning for your product: Do you want your product to be flawless? Or do you accept a few DPMO (defects per million opportunities)?

What is the investment-to-cost ratio of the product?

Will the investment in test equipment be paid back by the cost of the product? For example, do I need to automate the measurements?

What testing resources do I have?

How can I optimize the use of testers that I already have available?

What is the manufacturing flowchart?

How should I adapt the test strategy to address the risks of each manufacturing step?

What is my experience on this type of product?

What are the defects encountered previously on this type of product?


Human Resources : 

Our know-how and skills are at your disposal, the Tame-Test engineering office accompanies you in your technical challenges. 

Our expertise in different environments (in the clean room, on the field, on confidential sites, and more) allows us to intervene on your premises.

Equipement :

Tame-Test offers technical means to support you during your maintenance phases: 

  • Provision of spare parts
  • Implementation of laboratory instruments to accompany our expertise on site (power supply, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer...)
  • Test tools to accelerate diagnosis during corrective maintenance

Use cases

Cas d'usage

In order to better understand our ScopeSolution service, you will find below various use cases:

Use case n°1 : Coated Product

Philippe, a new client of Tame-Test, is in the process of developing his manufacturing process for a coated product. To do this, he asks Tame-Test for the ScopeSolution service to set up his test strategy. By answering the questions mentioned above, Tame-Test will establish the strategy while taking into account that for this particular product, the defects must be found before coating. The product will not be repairable if defects are found once the product is coated.

Use case n°2 : Panelized Electronic Card

Karine, a new customer of Tame-Test, needs to establish a test strategy for her electronic cards. However, one of the components is on the edge of the card, which does not pose a problem at the time of testing, but may pose a problem at the time of depanelization, when the component may be damaged. The test strategy developed by Tame-Test will therefore take this fact into consideration and anticipate solutions to solve the problem ahead of time.

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