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Tame-test Partners
«  »Accompaning another means placing yourself not in front of them, notbehind them and not in their place. It is to be next to them."Joseph Templier

Having understood this quote and wishing to be proactive to meet your expectations, Tame-Test has surrounded itself with partners of choice:

Development of electronic products. Customers or R&D TRONICO Industrialization ScopeSolution/DfT Solution Definition of reliability tests Development of testing, diagnostics and burn-in equipment Deployment of testing and burn-in equipment


Développement des moyens de test, de diagnostic et de burn-in

AND-ELEC —located in Malville, near Nantes— is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of in-situ and/or functional test interfaces for electronic cards: manual, semi-automatic or in-line, with possible faradization. 

With 30 years of experience in the field of testing, we master all the associated trades and technologies: 2D/3D design, drilling, wiring, assembly, impact capacities, deformation and measurements. 

AND-ELEC has been part of the Belgian group IPTE since 2000, a recognized supplier of electronic card production lines, with subsidiaries in Europe, the US, Mexico and China. 

Our customers —major OEMs, EMS integrators, technological SMEs & start-ups— cover all sectors of electronics: automotive, aeronautics, defense, industrial equipment, home automation, consumer electronics, telecommunications, energy, mobility and transport, seismic acquisition, medical, connected objects and more.

Aster Technologies

Industrialisation ScopeSolution / DfTSolution

TestWay is a unique solution used by many electronic card designers and manufacturers worldwide. It offers an innovative approach to testability analysis and test coverage estimation as early as possible in the design cycle. 

  • Testability analysis from schematic capture data
  • Automatic check of electrical regulations
  • Reduce the number of nails required for testing
  • Integrated solution for coverage analysis
  • Yield calculation and test cost modeling
  • Generation and optimization of assembly, inspection and test programs


Industrialisation ScopeSolution / DfTSolution

Cadlog is the largest European distributor of software for electronic design and production. They offer complete solutions, meeting the demands of companies in each phase of the production process —design, NPI, production, PLM— thanks to products from companies such as Siemens Digital Industries Software, Mentor, Downstream or Nano Dimension. 

With a highly innovative vision of electronic product manufacturing, Cadlog implements the concept of the Digital Twin, which consists in digitally reproducing and simulating all aspects of the product, as well as the processes of production which lead to its creation and distribution on markets. The Digital Twin includes both the simulation of the product's behavior in different conditions of use (virtual prototyping) and the use of advanced factory management methods using digital tools (Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing).


Intégralité des étapes du process

EPSILON offers high-level intellectual services in strategic sectors (space, aeronautics, energy, health) with high societal stakes.

France Etuves

Déploiement des moyens de test et de burn-in

The company France Etuves, located in Île de France, designs, manufactures and markets ovens for the laboratory and for industry. They are intended for use in various applications of heating, drying, polymerization, heated storage, sterilization, aging, biotechnology and more. They are also used for the research and development of new processes. 

France Etuves proposes several standard ovens meeting various criteria. It also adapts to the needs of its customers by producing special products dedicated to their particular applications and constraints. 

The quality of its products, its engineering office and its manufacturing tools are what give France Etuves a strong reputation in the field of industrial and laboratory ovens. 

Exporting its products all over the world, France Étuves works with the largest international and national companies, and very active SMEs, and is careful to ensure the success of their customers' projects.

H2P Solutions

Définition des tests de fiabilisation ScopeSolution

Burn-in is a production step that consists in applying climatic, electrical or mechanical constraints in order to eliminate early defects of a batch of electronic components, systems or electronic cards and to improve their functioning in use. The first step of a burn-in is the definition of the burn-in constraints that will be applied in order to get rid of the early defects without causing too much damage to the life of the product concerned. As such, we propose, with our partner H2P Solutions, an expertise in order to define and justify your burn-in procedures with an effective methodology which will ensure the optimal performance of your products.

JTAG Technologies

Développement des moyens de test, de diagnostic et de burn-in
Industrialisation ScopeSolution / DfTSolution

JTAG Technologies is a solutions company that has specialized in electronic printed circuit board or PCBA assembly testing, manufacturing fault diagnosis and device programming for 30 years. For 30 years, it has been developing products based on boundary-scan standards (IEEE Std 1149.x) and providing software and hardware services worldwide. Their class-leading boundary-scan products provide users with automated tools for test preparation and execution, test results analysis and in-situ programming. With an installed base of over 9,000 systems worldwide, JTAG Technologies serves the communications, medical electronics, avionics, defense, automotive and consumer goods industries. 

Tame-Test is a member of the JTAG Technologies "Authorized Application Provider" program for test application development, software updates and technical support.

MB Electronique

Déploiement des moyens de test et de burn-in

MB Electronique is a trading company which ensures: 

  • The marketing of electronic test and measurement systems and equipment
  • The design and development of innovative testing solutions upon request
  • The performance of testing services at its premises (HALT/HASS, SAM)
  • The supply of exclusive services associated with systems and equipment


Développement des moyens de test, de diagnostic et de burn-in

National Instruments is a provider of hardware and software that enable scientists and engineers to design, prototype and deploy systems for testing and measurement, control and embedded applications. In 2010, it had revenues of $860 million. 

The company is best known for its NI LabVIEW software development platform. It also develops LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio, TestStand, VeriStand, Multisim and DIAdem. It also offers instrumentation platforms such as PXI and CompactRIO.


Définition des tests de fiabilisation ScopeSolution
Développement de produits à dominante électronique

Created in 2000, the Tame-Component laboratory develops and offers consulting, expertise, analysis and testing services of components for all major French and European industrial sectors: aeronautics, military, medical, energy, automotive, rail, naval, oil and gas.

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