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Tame-Test - Rack PDU

Secure Single-Phase 19'' PDU
Power supply and distribution of electrical energy

Tame-Test - Rack PDU

Tame-Test's secure single-phase Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a sequential power distribution box that supplies the test bench and its measuring instruments with AC power and ensures constant temperature monitoring in the rack. This 2U rack-mountable drawer can be perfectly integrated into a standard 19" test bay. 

It allows, in particular: 

  • To facilitate the power distribution of all the test bench components, the measuring instruments such as an oscilloscope or multimeter, or any utility line power supply
  • To limit the high current inrush when the bench is powered up and to avoid untimely short-circuits when several loads are switched on in the test equipment (up to 12 simultaneously), thanks to a sequential start-up per block of 4 sockets
  • To ensure the operational safety of the users thanks to two dry contact thermostat inputs allowing a pre-alarm and a cut-off of the output sockets
  • To cut off the inverter that may be present in the test bench, thanks to the emergency stop

Technical Specifications

Tame-Test's single-phase 19'' PDU rack has all the necessary devices to protect the bench elements connected to the 14 outputs.

PDU 19’’ sécurisé monophasé

CE certified, it has the following specifications: 

  • Mains input 220 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60Hz
  • Maximum current flow of 16A
  • 2 power outlets permanently supplied upon power up
  • 12 outlets powered sequentially in blocks of 4 outlets
  • General shutdown in case of current leakage of at least 30 mA
  • 16A overcurrent protection
  • Emergency stop according to ISO 13850: 2015
  • Remote emergency stop output
  • Two NO (Normally Open) thermostat inputs
  • One 24VDC/1.5A output
  • Output to indicate when the first temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Voltage presence indicator
  • Temperature monitoring indicator

Technical Functionalities

The secure single-phase 19'' PDU rack is: 

  • Easy to install
  • CE certified
  • Secure 

It distributes power sequentially to any standard 19" test equipment and has an emergency shutdown and alert system linked to bench temperature monitoring (configurable alert thresholds).

Sequential Power-up

The powering up of the outlets is done according to the following scenario:

sequential power-up

Test Bench Temperature Monitoring

A light indicates the status of the temperature in the test bench in real time according to the following color code: 

  • When the light is green: the temperature is below the first threshold. All the outlets are activated.
  • When the light is orange: the temperature is between the first and the second threshold. All outlets are activated.
  • When the light is red: the temperature is above the second threshold. All the outlets are deactivated. 

The temperature thresholds are pre-set by the integrator.

Secure Power Supply for Test Equipment

The PDU functionalities allow for: 

  • Bench safety
  • Safety of the operator
  • Safety of the Units Under Test (UUT)

Applications of the secure single-phase 19'' PDU

Tame-Test's secure 19" PDU is the perfect solution for distributing power to test bench components while ensuring user safety.

 The field of application is wide and possible applications are numerous, whatever the high-tech industrial market concerned. 

This unit has been designed for all test benches integrated in 19'' bays. 

  • Test and control equipment
  • Test bench for electronic cards
  • Multi-physics test bench
  • Power supply test equipment
  • Power converter test bench 

It can also be used for other types of equipment, test equipment or not.

Associated services of the secure single-phase 19'' PDU

We provide maintenance and after-sales service for the product. 

Cabling is required to supply the rack with electrical power. 

We can provide the power cord at the requested length as well as the temperature sensors (thermostats). 

We can also provide you with the tools for mounting the cabinet in the test bay (staples, screws, rails).

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