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Tame-Test - DfT Solution

Design for test

Tame-Test - DfT Solution

DfT can be found under different names, Design for Testing, Design for Test, or Design for Testability. 

At Tame-Test, we talk about Design for Testability. 

Electronic products have an increasing amount of components, assemblies and sub-assemblies. This complexity requires optimizing their testability and imposing a Design for Testability phase, with the goal of adapting the design of your product to the test strategy determined ahead of time. 

Tame-Test performs Design for Testability (DfT) at different levels: electronic cards, sub-assemblies and assemblies.


DfTSolution: Hardware Analysis

Tame-Test relies on TestWay Express and TW System software. With our expertise, we optimize accessibilities, electronic cards and schematics. 

We highlight and exploit the possibilities offered by the boundary scan (JTAG). 

This software highlights the weaknesses, Tame-Test then performs an analysis and submits recommendations to improve the testability of the product. 

A report of optimized test coverage following our recommendations is then sent to you.

DfTSolution: Software Analysis

Tame-Test analyzes if adding a function is necessary in the application software or if an embedded software dedicated to testing must be developed. 

The objective is to (non-exhaustive list): 

  • Put the product in a given state 
  • Create self-tests 
  • Test functional blocks

DfTSolution includes

  • Product, component and assembly studies 
  • Testability and recommendations report 
  • The test coverage matrix (PPVS method) for structural and functional tests 
  • Regular reports to monitor the progress of the various stages of Design for Testability


Optimizing product testability

The objective of good testability is to detect possible defects as early as possible in the production chain, thanks to optimized hardware and software test coverage. 

DfTSolution brings you its expertise in this area.

Reducing poor quality costs

Taking into account the testing aspect of a product at all stages is a major asset for optimizing the final price of your product. 

As early as the design phase, testing considerations must be integrated so that the design can be adapted for optimal testability. By connecting the design phase to a real testing strategy and adapted equipment, you will optimize your manufacturing process by reducing costs of poor quality. 

This optimal coverage will also provide a significant reduction in your after-sales returns. 

Tame-Test has already carried out a sampling of products entrusted by TRONICO's customers in order to perform a design for testability analysis by DfTSolution and the hypothesis of a global strategy by ScopeSolution. The return on investment is almost instantaneous. 

To go even further: In addition to these DfTSolution services, we offer a complete analysis including the reliability of components and products. 

Tame-Test - Bancs de test


Human Resources

DfTSolution integrates a team of engineers and technicians into each project who know the ins and outs of product industrialization. In close collaboration with the designers (internal or external), they write a testability report and recommendations which take into account the complexity of the products and the manufacturing process.


Tame-Test relies on expert software specific to the testing field: 

  • TestWay Express
  • TW System 

With our expertise and experience, we are able to enrich this software by incorporating scripts customized by Tame-Test.

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