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Tame-Test - Industrie électronique

Electronics Industry
Test equipment

Tame-Test - Industrie électronique

The electronics industry is the heart of the French industrial landscape. Indispensable today, electronics is the necessary pillar for the production of digital equipment and systems. 

This sector includes all the players of electronic production: production of electronic components, connectors or printed circuits, design and assembly of electronic cards and sub-assemblies, micro technology, distribution or publishing of embedded software and software tools for the design of electronic systems. 

The electronics sector is served by a dense network of circuit and system design laboratories. 

Its influence on industry and services is unrivaled and continues to grow with the revolution and popularity of electronics in all fields.

industrial sector

Market challenges and perspectives

The economy of the electronics industry is the essential foundation of the digital revolution via nanoelectronics and electronics.

Today’s major markets are seeing their demand for electronics increase, sometimes exponentially, as we are currently seeing in the automotive sector with the advent of the electric and autonomous vehicle. At the same time, artificial intelligence is taking a prominent place in our technologies and customers want to develop the intelligence of their products and processes in order to optimize their production in terms of data transmission and processing. 

There are 4 predominant trends in this sector: 

  • Intelligent sensors to collect data
  • Connected objects to process and transmit data and develop associated services
  • Power electronics to support the energy transition and the development of electric mobility
  • Cybersecurity to build the confidence necessary for the development of electronic technologies in industry

Tame-Test's expertise

Tame-Test at the heart of the the industry of the "future"

As part of TRONICO, Tame-Test is aware of industrial evolutions and participates in these evolutions by providing testing solutions but also decision support tools. 

We distinguish 3 activities within this industry of the “future”: 

  • Digital and AI
  • Electronics
  • Robotics and cobotics 


Digital and AI: The industry of the future is based on digital and software 

Tame-Test has been collecting and analyzing test data for over 10 years: our R&D and software teams have been working together and pairing up their skills to create test solutions. We are able to offer data analysis software, machine learning and AI to our customers. 

This software is adapted to the size of the production and its complexity. The objective is simple: to get the most out of the test results by analyzing them and drawing conclusions to improve processes, products or components. 

You can also call upon the services of Tame-Test’s data scientists to analyze your data and help you improve your processes. 



  • Functional test: We offer a functional test solution for several different electronic cards at the same time and on the same bench. This type of test bench is composed of a test bay on which different test interfaces are adapted. Like this, development costs and the purchase of measuring instruments are mutualized for the testing of different products. 
  • RF test: We use equipment tried and proven in the development of other test benches. We install the RF test tools in a box (or case). The test bench is built around a PC that pilots all the equipment. Interfacing with the board is done via a nail mechanism. The advantage of this unit is that it can be used within the production test department without requiring a fixed location. 
  • Power Test: Power test benches are adapted to DC/DC mono or bidirectional converters up to 120kW per unit, AC/DC and DC/AC converters up to 120kW per unit and to BMS (master and slave). Our benches can be adapted to different types of products by means of a cassette system. They are both standard and ad-hoc. Their interface works with an automatic connection. 


Robotics and cobotics: 

For our customers working with robotics and cobotics in medical or severe environments, we design test benches to check the quality of the elements making up the robots. We design motor test benches and communication test benches, by radio frequency or Bluetooth. We build test benches to monitor and detect the environment. We can test by ultrasound, radio or Kinect image. We design integration tests and strength or aging tests.

Certifications and accreditations

Tame-Test designs and manufactures test benches for the industrial sector which, in addition to compliance with ISO standards, require guarantees related to confidentiality. 

For all its equipment, Tame-Test ensures: 

  • Compliance with low voltage directives
  • CE marking
  • UL marking
  • The machinery directive


ISO 9001

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard is based on a number of quality management principles, including strong customer focus, management motivation and commitment, process approach and continuous improvement. 

TRONICO has been ISO 9001 certified since 2004.

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