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Tame-Test - Gamme Check

Functional and versatile test benches

Tame-Test - Gamme Check

Technical specifications

Our CHECK test benches cover a wide range of functional tests. They are designed using our standard units and adapted to your production needs.

Check Versatile

The Check Versatile line is geared towards structural and functional tests, and is based on multipurpose and multi-interface test benches, testing assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Check Wave

The Check Wave line is dedicated to test benches and Radio Frequency (RF) calibrations.

Check Field

Based on customer feedback, Tame-Test has developed this line of field testers, Check Field, for interventions and commissioning on site. They are therefore transportable and can be self-sufficient in energy.

Check Labs

The objective of Check Labs is to facilitate design validation by testing prototypes during the R&D phase. 

Check Labs can be pre-equipped with the elements to be piloted, for example motors, elements to be decoded or even programming probes, which are very useful for the simultaneous validation of hardware and software designs (test software or application software).

Check Power

In close collaboration with our partner Tame-Power and in line with the evolution of mobility, Tame-Test has developed a family of "Check Power" power test benches from 5 kW to several hundreds of kW.

Technical functionalities

These product lines apply to the fields historically addressed by TRONICO: 

  • Automotive (electric and hydrogen)
  • Petroleum
  • Aeronautics
  • Defense
  • Space
  • Medical
  • Industrial 

Find their detailed functionalities on the pages dedicated to each type of Check test bench.

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