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Check Power
Power test benches

Tame-Test - Gamme Check Power

In close collaboration with our sister brand Tame-Power, and in line with the evolution of mobility, Tame-Test has developed several power test benches under the name "Check Power". 

The power electronics used notably in the automotive field is now in full expansion, especially since the arrival of the first electric vehicles. 

Designing a product in such a field requires support and assistance in order to carry out the necessary measurements to test the conformity of the finished product. 

With its Check Power products, Tame-Test is able to accompany you whatever your field of application, offering you test benches focused on your needs.

Check power

Technical specifications

Check Power power test benches bring you an industrial and secure solution to test your product at its optimal performance:

  • Test of key parameters
  • Reliability at different operating points
  • Cycling and endurance test
  • Testing at limits 

Who is it for? 

Tame-Test has designed and manufactured Check Power benches for the Aeronautics, Automotive and Industrial sectors as well as for its partner Tame-Power (automotive, construction equipment, and more).

When to use it ?

From the design phase of your product, the test strategy (ScopeSolution) will identify the Check Power resources to be deployed for the validation and production stages. 

Check Power test benches, just as the entire line of testing solutions, are developed according to specifications. These specifications can be provided by the customer or written in collaboration with Tame-Test’s teams.

Technical functionalities

Check Power products: 

  • Are safe for the operator and the product (the tests are performed without human intervention in order to protect the user from any risk)
  • Can be adapted from medium series (up to 10k products/year) to large series
  • Allow you to optimize time with multi-product parallelization
  • Allow you to implement and manage air or liquid cooling
  • Facilitate implementation due to the cassette system (these benches are both standard and ad-hoc)
  • Allow you to sequence predefined tests (regulatory cycle)
  • Allow you to generate customizable sequences thanks to the HMI
  • Provide secure and automatic testing 

Performance is optimized by a re-injection on the network.


In order to gain a better understanding, here are some use cases illustrating this equipment: 

  • Mono or bi-directional DC/DC converters from a few hundred Watts to several hundred kW
  • AC/DC and DC/AC converters from a few hundred Watts to several hundred kW
  • BMS (master and slave)
  • Cells and batteries (testing and cycling)
  • Fuel cells (testing and cycling)
  • Chargers

Use cases

Cas d'usage

Use case n°1 : DC/DC Converter

Malcolm, director of operations at an automotive manufacturer, is looking for a testing solution for a DC/DC converter embedded in a vehicle. 

First, Tame-Test and Malcolm will define the test strategy applied to the DC/DC converter and derive the structural and functional tests. 

The defined functional tests will then be deployed using Check Power equipment.

Use case n°2 : Battery Pack

Anastasia, technical director at a manufacturer of autonomous lighting systems, assembles her battery packs from elementary cells. She wants to test the behavior of her cells and battery packs. To do this, Tame-Test will define and implement secure thermal cycling tests to validate the proper assembly, operation and reliability (internal resistance) of its products.

Associated service

In order to provide the best testing strategy for your product as it is manufactured and integrated, we can offer you the service ScopeSolution.

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