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Company Profile
Services and solutions powered by test data

Why Tame-Test ?

Since 1995, within the larger industrial group TRONICO, the teams making up Tame-Test have been present during the production, development and manufacturing of each product, participating in the operation of critical assemblies. 

As an integral part of manufacturing, the test phase with Tame-Test becomes an added value with a measurable ROI in terms of time and raw material consumption. 

By choosing Tame-Test, manufacturers can rely on the technical and industrial expertise of a robust provider. 

Tame-Test's global offer is based on three axes: 

  • Testing solutions available in 5 categories of test equipment
  • Services to optimize the testing phase (DfTSolution, ScopeSolution and LifeSolution)
  • Tame-Data data analysis software suites: Learning, Predictive and Artificial Intelligence
Technical Expertise

Tame-Test, Multidisciplinary Technical Expertise

With the support of TRONICO's Technical Department, Tame-Test brings multidisciplinary and innovative expertise to the design of test equipment: 

Tame-Test has expertise in 4 fields: 

  • Analog, digital and power electronics: TRONICO's core business
  • Automation, robotics, optics and vision: due to a mastery of these fields, Tame-Test is able to understand the design of test equipment and the products under testing in their entirety
  • Mechanics: the proximity of mechanical designers facilitates studies conducted by Tame-Test in the fields of multi-physics through the use of modeling and simulation software (Ansys and Solidworks). Tame-Test is able to perform thermal, fluidic, pneumatic, static and dynamic mechanics, optical or electromagnetic simulations. These simulations allow Tame-Test to solve technical difficulties before the design stage in order to reduce costs and turnaround times while at the same time increasing quality
  • Software: access to skills and tools for the development of embedded software enables the test bench design team to develop its own software while providing economical and innovative solutions
SOFTWAREELECTRONICSMECHANICSAUTOMATIONSoftwareAIHMI, ErgonomicsAlgorithmsReal timeAnalogDigitalPowerRadio FrequencyElectromagneticRoboticsCollaborative roboticsAutomatic sample changersOpticsVisionFluidicThermalPneumaticEectromagnetic
A Proven and Effective Method

The Tame-Test team implements a proven and effective method, powering the development of complex and multidisciplinary solutions. Processes applied to the design of electronic equipment have been transposed to the design and manufacture of test and trial equipment. 

The efficiency and speed of test bench duplication are guaranteed by TRONICO's know-how in manufacturing.

Our methods are acknowledged and recommended by our customers. They allow us to handle all types of projects, especially those requiring a high level of technicality and a thorough understanding of current and future production processes and impacts. 

Our Research and Development department guides the company’s developments and elaborates test benches that are increasingly more intelligent and software that enhances the analysis of test data. 

Tame-Test, "Valuable Testing Data”, adds value to the testing phase by relying on predictability and machine learning to analyze test results.

Sourcing of Electronic Components and Equipment

Tame-Test takes full advantage of TRONICO's dynamic team of buyers, and their quality and efficiency in sourcing electronic components and equipment. 

The strong know-how of Tame-Component is integrated into our global strategy by testing the components at the very early stages.

    Associated Services

    Tame-Test positions itself as a partner by offering associated services for a global solution: Design for Test, Test Strategy, Maintenance and Retrofit… All of these services are there to supplement and expand on the test benches. 

    Find out more about Tame-Test services: 

    A Dedicated Project Team

    Tame-Test, having a strong support policy, compels its teams to work in project mode. A team is dedicated to each project, thus ensuring continuity of information on the project. 

    Additional services have also been put in place, facilitating the transfer of operations into the hands of technicians or operators. Tame-Test makes sure to accompany the project until the commissioning of test solutions. 

    As soon as the order is validated, Tame-Test sets up a project team with: 

    • A project manager who is responsible for the relationship with the customer, the running of the project, the budget and the time schedule
    • A technical leader who coordinates the team to meet the technical objectives of the project
    • A testability expert who analyzes the coverage rates and defines the test sequences
    • A hardware engineer who is in charge of design and development
    • A software engineer who designs and develops the control system of the instruments and the test sequence
    • A technical operator who assembles and cables the equipment according to IPC A610 and A620 regulations

    Design and Manufacturing Complex Electronic Products

    Since 1973
    80 R&D engineers combining their know-how
    114M€ turnover (2023)
    Overall production area: 12,000 m2
    2 production sites in 2 countries: France & Morocco
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