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Tame-Test - Défense

Defense & Security
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Tame-Test - Défense

The defense industrial sector includes security products and services. It responds to a double challenge: the protection of companies, citizens and the resilience of the Nation. This market stems from the need to protect the State, companies and citizens from malicious actions and their effects. 

To do this, it implements devices or systems providing functions such as: 

  • Observation
  • Analysis
  • Detection
  • Access control
  • Protection
  • Alerts
  • Intervention
  • Communication

defense sector

Market challenges and perspectives

Security is a field of excellence and one of the most productive in terms of exports. It brings together large groups, world leaders, SMEs and major exporters and research laboratories. Despite these positive indicators, the industry is facing major challenges for its growth. 

First of all, the field of security is characterized by the convergence of economic problems and sovereignty issues. 

Given the very important economic potential that this sector represents, especially for exports, there is a strong need to protect sovereignty. 

In order to face the digital transformation of the economy, the protection of digital tools and data must be guaranteed by European incentives backed by French confidence (in the case of France). 

With the emergence of the Internet of Things, these two considerations are all the more true. 

The large number of connected objects in the world today represent a great number of economic opportunities, but they provide an additional risk for security because they increase the potential targets for attacks. 

Taking this risk into consideration, companies must position themselves as leaders in disruptive technologies and their applications for security: artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and in more conceptual approaches, which can lead to new, more secure systems.

Tame-Test's expertise

Trust and confidentiality

For years, security and defense companies have trusted us to design and manufacture their testing solutions. 

We intervene in particular for functional and communication tests for security and defense equipment. 

For our customers’ activities in surveillance we design Radar functional test benches or RF test benches. We adapt our benches according to the proposed surveillance systems. 

We also design and manufacture test benches for communications between radar and drone but also radio test benches. 

Our collaboration with the Security and Defense industries has also led us to develop specific tools such as self-test systems or detonation simulation tests.

Certifications and accreditations

The application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the certifications of TRONICO demonstrate the high standards of performance held by Tame-Test. 

Tame-Test designs and manufactures test benches for the defense sector which, in addition to compliance with ISO standards, require guarantees related to confidentiality. 

For all its equipment, Tame-Test ensures: 

  • Compliance with low voltage directives
  • CE marking
  • UL marking
  • The machinery directive



TRONICO is Nadcap Electronics certified. This is a certification for the manufacturing process of electronic cards, developed by the leading players in the aerospace and defense markets. Its objective is twofold: to improve quality and reduce costs.

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