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Tame-Test - Life Solution

Test bench maintenance

Tame-Test - Life Solution


Tame-Test offers a set of services to cover the different phases of life of your test bench for permanent quality and sustainable performance. 

The LifeSolution maintenance contract falls within the framework of maintenance in operational condition (MOC) after the warranty period. 

It offers a set of services that guarantee the durability and performance of your test bench during its operation:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Calibration campaign of your measuring instruments
  • Upgrade of your test software
  • Obsolescence management
  • Telephone assistance
  • In-person assistance

The above-mentioned services are available on your semi-automatic or automatic test benches, whether they are kept on your premises or on TRONICO’s.

Life solution


LifeSolution offers many benefits. This maintenance contract allows you to:

Ensure the Availability of your Test Bench

LifeSolution provides you with telephone support for your corrective maintenance and helps you quickly recover an operational configuration (see use case n°1 for more information). 

If this support requires a more in-depth diagnosis, an expert from our Tame-Test engineering office can quickly go on site. 

The availability of your bench also depends on prior identification of critical components in order to build up a stock of spare parts.

Maintain the Optimal Performance of your Test Bench

LifeSolution allows you to maintain the performance of your system via: 

  • Preventive maintenance cycles during which the following are performed: test bench maintenance, preventive performance checks, checks for worn-out parts (and replacements if necessary)
  • Calibration cycles: Your measuring devices are subject to periodic metrologies in order to prevent any drift of the measuring system of your test bench (see use case n°2 for more information).

Benefit from the Latest Software Developments

You benefit from the latest Tame-Test innovations, your test software remains up to date and has the latest features. 

The drivers of the instruments that make up your bench are constantly evolving; by taking advantage of the latest versions you get increased efficiency for your test equipment.


Human Resources

Our know-how and skills are at your disposal, the Tame-Test engineering office accompanies you in your technical challenges. 

Our expertise in different environments (in the clean room, on the field, on confidential sites, and more) allows us to intervene on your premises.


Tame-Test offers technical equipment to support you during your maintenance phases: 

  • Provision of spare parts
  • Implementation of laboratory instruments to accompany our expertise on site (power supply, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer…)
  • Test tools to accelerate diagnosis during corrective maintenance

Use cases

Cas d'usage

In order to better understand our LifeSolution service, you will find below various use cases:

Use case n°1 : Incident in Production

Phil, a user of a Tame-Test test bench, realizes that his product under test no longer communicates with the bench. He calls the Tame-Test team to make use of their expertise. With the assistance of the Tame-Test engineering office, the defective part was quickly located and following their recommendations Phil had already built up a spare stock for this critical part. He was able to quickly restore his test bench while minimizing intervention time.

Use case n°2 : Instrument Metrology

Delphine, user of a Tame-Test test bench, realizes that the calibration of the instruments of the bench must soon be performed, a pop-up has just informed her on the HMI (human-machine interface). Tame-Test also receives this information and immediately contacts Delphine to anticipate this intervention and to set up an on-site appointment so as not to impact production.

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