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Modular System Switch for automated test

Modular System Switch
A smart solution for test automation

Modular System Switch for automated test


The Tame-Test modular switching system for test benches is a flexible, versatile test and measurement solution developed by our design teams to meet the needs of a wide range of test environments: it offers a range of features and high performance to improve and automate your test processes for electronic boards, products and systems. 

Enjoy greater productivity and efficiency in your test environment!

Technical specifications and product features 

Adaptable to your environment and constraints, our intelligent switching system is CE-compliant and meets applicable European directives.

It includes :

A flexible, compact 4U switching chassis with 8 internal bipolar common buses, Ethernet interface and cooling system (ref. CHAS-8SLO-4U-01): 

  • Up to 8 very high-density multiplexing boards, with 24-channel bipolar configuration and 2 independent blocks (ref. TT-MUX-24C-2P-2B-01), giving access to 48 channels, each capable of switching current up to 2A and a voltage of 220VDC/250VAC.
  • A driver is supplied, configurable, customizable and compatible with all possible uses, "off-the-shelf" or customized test sequencer. 

The modular design of the chassis (CHAS-8SLO-4U-01) facilitates customization and integration of test modules, while software connectivity options ensure seamless communication between components.

Our switching system is compatible with standard programming frameworks (TestStand, .NET and C++) and communication protocols (SCPI commands).

Enhance the test capabilities of your test benches today and streamline your test processes with our modular switching system!

The result is a solution that saves time during validation and production testing, while helping to reduce the overall cost of testing. 


The CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 Chassis and TT-MUX-24C-2P-2B-01 Multiplexer board can be adapted and customized to your specifications.

Related Services

After-sales service: start-up and integration assistance, remote or on-site diagnostics

Tame-Test can provide support from product setup in your test bay (start-up assistance, configuration and commissioning) through to maintenance and repair.

Product packages available 

A bundle offer comprising a modular chassis and multiplexer boards to suit your requirements. 

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