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Check field

Check Field
Mobile industrial test benches

Check field

What is a Check Field bench?

Drawing on its experience and customer feedback, Tame-Test has developed this line of "field" testers to allow for interventions on industrial and/or operational sites. 

Tame-Test has made this type of tester portable and mobile so that you can benefit from the same tests and measurements that you usually experience in a factory. 

Check Field solutions are designed for: 

  • Commissioning of products or systems on site
  • Functional verification and incoming inspection of products
  • Functional verification and inspection after long storage of products
  • Calibration of products requiring precision during installation
  • Periodic calibration of products
  • On-site maintenance

Technical specifications

Check Field equipment is developed on the basis of PC, ruggedized PC or microcontroller board, depending on the degree of integration.

They integrate: 

  • All the interfacing with the sensors useful for tests and calibrations
  • All instruments useful for measurements and readings
  • All the necessary power supplies 

They are designed according to the use cases to be: 

  • Low consumption
  • Autonomous (integrated batteries)
  • Usable in harsh environments (operational field)
  • Usable in laboratories
  • Usable in industrial spaces
  • Usable in hospital environments
  • and more


Cas d'usage

In order to gain a better understanding, here are some use cases illustrating this equipment:

Use case n°1 : Active medical Device

Renaud, director of operations at a French MedTech, is in charge of maintaining the medical devices manufactured by his company in operational condition. These medical devices are used on a patient, cleaned, repackaged and put back in stock. When taken out of stock for use, Renaud's medical devices must be tested. The Check Field test bench proposed by Tame-Test make it possible to perform these tests as soon as the devices come out of stock and avoids the extra step of sending them back to the manufacturer. The test data is then sent to MedTech to keep for traceability.

Use case n°2 : Telemetry Demodulator

Astrid, in charge of deploying anti-intrusion surveillance radar, has to calibrate these products for each installation. She must adjust the transmitter, receiver, the orientation of the antenna, etc.). Tame-Test has provided Astrid with an autonomous test kit with an integrated antenna, facilitating the adjustment of all these parameters and on all terrains.

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