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Switching chassis for high density multiplexer

Modular Switching Chassis 8 slots
Flexible and Versatile Switch for test equipment

Switching chassis for high density multiplexer

The Modular Switching Chassis for test benches has been developed by Tame-Test designers to meet your needs and constraints in terms of test environments. This versatile, adaptable and compact 4U-high enclosure fits perfectly into a standard 19" test bay.

Under the CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 reference number, Tame-Test's modular chassis enables in particular:

  • Continuous interconnection of up to 12 measuring instruments with the multiplexing system also developed by Tame-Test (TT-MUX-2 4C-2P-2B-01). Thanks to its 8 internal bipolar common buses, this chassis facilitates and rationalizes connections, and improves signal routing for efficient, optimal connectivity.
  • Give access to all multiplexer card functions and channels (up to 8 multiplexer modules) to the various test instruments connected to the chassis' rear panel.
  • Control modules via a LAN connection, thanks to its Ethernet interface. The TT-MUX-2 4C-2P-2B-01 multiplexer is supplied with a man-machine interface (MMI) developed by Tame-Test. A LabView driver, compatible with standard validation and automatic test environments, is also provided for test sequences.

The switchgear cabinet is equipped with a protection and cooling system to ensure optimum test performance and equipment longevity.

Technical Specifications


Tame-Test's CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 switch chassis has the following specifications:

  • Mains input 220 -240 V AC
  • Current flow 4 A
  • Front panel on/off button
  • Internal matrix card 12x4 - 2-pole
  • 8 internal common buses, 2-pole between all modules
  • 12 channels: 4 x BNC connectors, 8 x 2-pole banana plugs
  • Supports Tame-Test modules:
    • Multiplexers
    • Matrix
    • Custom modules
  • Compatible with standard SCPI commands
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet interface
  • LabView driver included
  • Up to 8 slots
  • Housing with integrated ventilation (2 x 1/2 U)
  • DIN EN 62368-1 compliant
  • Low operating noise

Our equipment is fully CE-compliant and complies with the relevant European directives on low voltage, safety (EN 61010-1:2010) and electromagnetic compatibility (EN 61326-1:2013). This chassis also complies with the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

Product Features

The CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 Switching Chassis is : 

  • Flexible and configurable 
  • Compact 
  • Secure 
  • CE-compliant

Flexible and configurable

The modular design of the chassis makes it easy to customize and integrate test modules, while software connectivity options ensure continuous communication between components. It offers a range of features and high performance to enhance and automate your PCB, product and system test processes. 

Connecting eight TT-MUX-24C-2P-2B-01 multiplexer modules to the chassis provides an advanced switching system. This system gives the measuring instruments installed in your automatic test bench access to 384 channels, each supporting 2 poles. This versatile configuration harnesses the power of Tame-Test's TT-MUX-24C-2P-2B-01 multiplexers (sold separately), guaranteeing efficient and comprehensive connectivity for your testing needs.


The chassis is 4U high and half a rack wide. This space-saving design maximizes the use of your 19" test rack installation. 


In addition to CE conformity, the switching chassis features a protection and cooling system to manage heat dissipation and maintain a constant operating temperature for the equipment. 

Streamlined switching at the heart of your test system 

Enhance the test capabilities of your test benches today and rationalize your test processes with our modular switching chassis combined with Tame-Test multiplexers!


Find out more about our TT-MUX-24C-2P-2B-01 multiplexer boards on the dedicated page.

Switching Chassis Applications

A chassis for automatic test environments 

The modular switching system developed by Tame-Test (CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 chassis combined with TT-MUX-24C-2P-2B-01 multiplexer) integrates easily into most automatic test environments (electronic test, control, validation, simulation). 

A wide, scalable and flexible field of application

The range of possible applications is vast, whatever the high-tech industrial market concerned. The CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 chassis has been designed for all 19" rack-mounted test benches:

  • Test and inspection equipment
  • Electronic board test benches

Scalability and flexibility: capable of evolving with product ranges and functionalities, it can be reused on several programs and projects, for future applications.

Switching chassis customization 

The CHAS-8SLO-4U-01 Modular Chassis can be adapted to your needs and customized to your specifications. needs and customized to your specifications: the chassis itself, the matrix and the multiplexer(s).


We provide maintenance and after-sales service for the product.

Wiring is required to supply the chassis with electrical power. Cables are not supplied with the chassis, but can be supplied on request (sold separately).

We can also supply tools for mounting the chassis in the test bay (staples, screws, rails).

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